My Who, What, When, Where and Why?

Starting a blog means introducing who I am and why people should care. I though I would get some of this information out there for you to know.


DC Trip
Me in Washington DC July 2016

My name is Heidi, but on social media I go by Innovative Introvert. I love to make things and my alone-time, which led me to create such a name. Another very important fact to know about me is that I love pets. Right now I only have a cat so I am often seen as a cat lady, but I would love to get a dog in a few years. Above is a picture of my cat Chesty. Please don’t bother asking about the name. My mom named him while I was away at boarding school.


I want to  focus my blog on reviews of personal care products and cosmetics.  I also want to include other interesting topics that come up. I plan to share things that I like so others can enjoy them too. Also I plan to share some parts of my own story so everyone can get to know me.


For a long time I thought about starting a blog, but it seemed like an insurmountable task. I decided that since I now have time, it would be a good time to start. I will work on it a little bit each day without worrying if it isn’t perfect.


Downtown Sisters, OR
Downtown Sisters, OR

I grew-up in a small town in the middle of Oregon called Sisters. It is a small western style tourist town where the biggest events of the year are the Rodeo, the Outdoor Quilt Show and the Folk  Festival. At 18 years old I left my hometown to move to the ‘big city’, which was Portland, OR (largest city in the state) . A few years later I moved to Chicago for a job, which was certainly eye opener as to what a ‘big city’ really was. Now I am back in Portland, OR following my next adventure.


I want to blog because I have thoughts to share and this is my chosen medium in which to do it. Constantly I am trying and reviewing products, books, styles, and things for my own use so I decided that if I am already going to be doing that, I might as well share my thoughts with everyone who is interested.


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