Review Format

I wanted to make a guide not just for my readers, but also for myself as to what I will cover in reviews. If you believe that there is something I am missing from my reviews please let me know and I will see about adding it.


I will tell you how and where I got a product, including if I purchased it myself, if it was sent to me, or if it is part of a brand deal. I also will let you know how much I spent and what the product is valued at.


Most of the time I will copy the product description from the brands website, but I will always give you the source of any information that I add.

Application and Results

I will let you know how it applied and wore in the case of make-up and how effective it is with skin care and bath & body. Also, if I see any noticeable result from continued use I will make sure to share.

Pros and Cons

All pros/cons and positives/negatives that I believe effects the results of the product and why someone might want to purchase it will be included. Also include updates if there are future questions about my use of the product.

Bottom Line

To conclude my reviews, I will tell you my opinion on whether I would purchase it again or even finish it off if I don’t think it is very good. I will also let you know if I believe it is worth the price it is being marketed at.


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